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Code SJB6 : Rice Barge Cruise article

1 Jan - 31 Dec 2014


Start price
1,500 บาท

SJB6 Rice Barge Cruise


Duration:   14.00 -  17.00

Enjoy refreshing cocktails, tropical fruits and the warnth and hospitality of the staff while navigating the river and old canals of Bangkok.   Join us for a scenic motor cruise along the beautiful river and canals of Bangkok. On a traditional Rice Barge welcomes you on board with a delicious “Mai-Thai”,10 tropical fruits, the peanut, soft music, amazing views and an open bar system assures you highly pleasant journey through the evening.



Price: Adult: 1,200 Child: 960 / person

No. of person

2 – 3 person

4 – 5 person

6 – 7 person

8 person up






Bangkok กรุงเทพ 12

 Call center : 085-393 5550 , 02-115 6800 
Email : sales@wetravelcenter.com, wetravelcenter@gmail.com

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Tour Includes

Transportation / All admission fee as in the itinerary / Lunch / English Speaking Guide

Tour Exclude

Personal expenses/Option Tour

General Terms and Condition


         The inconsistent understanding and miss communication makes more a lot of the problem feedback. There was a lot of tourism l
more anguages that traveller do not understand as same as the travel agents. So, we are going to explain you what is the join tour to make the same understanding that we have done for than 30 years of our experience.

Join tour is the travel in-group between the different groups of tourists but go to the same tourist destination, you may get a new friends that go with you in the same itinerary.

It is the low cost traveling for the traveller than you go by private family or private group, but sometimes you have to wait for the fellow travelers who late from the pick up time, traffic jams or who that buy the option tour because some activities is not include in the itinerary such as paddle boat, elephant riding, photography and sometimes you have to change the van by the way that go to your itinerary travel destination.

         The pick up time sometime might be late because of traffic jam, same area that have same pick up time or tourist guide cannot find the guest. It is better if you standby about 5 minutes before the pick up time then the next pick up place might be not so late.

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Keywords ⇒ Code SJB6 : Rice Barge Cruise article Start Price 1,500 Baht / Person